Tsunami Survival Pod

People can’t help but get concerned about what is currently happening in the world today. Stronger than normal storms, destructive floods, droughts, earthquakes and other calamities seem to affect more and more people these days. It pays to be well prepared in case they do happen. In the case of Australian Matt Duncan, it is […]

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Mando Footloose Ebike

People would like to go biking now and then. But it is not a preferred mode of transport for many because it takes a lot of manual effort to be comfortable enough. But add in a motor and some may just give it a chance. This is where e-bikes like the new Mando Footloose may […]

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Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec Electric Trike

With gas prices now reaching all time highs recently, more and more people may consider trying to find some alternative means of going from one place to another. Electric bikes become more appealing this time around. And for those who like to become more comfortable making those daily commutes to the city, the Scorpion fs […]

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Volvo Plans Self-Driving Cars in 2014

Volvo has long been regarded as one of the safest car producers around and it continues to do so with its plans of introducing self-driving cars in 2014. The company would then follow it up with a fleet of vehicles that can avoid passenger accidents on their own by the year 2020. These vehicles are […]

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