Mando Footloose Ebike

People would like to go biking now and then. But it is not a preferred mode of transport for many because it takes a lot of manual effort to be comfortable enough. But add in a motor and some may just give it a chance. This is where e-bikes like the new Mando Footloose may find a market.

The Mando Footloose is unlike any other ebike out there. Instead of just a bike fitted with an electric motor, this hybrid ebike functions differently. Unlike a typical ebike, the Mando Footloose is a chainless with pedals that directly powers the alternator that generates the electricity that keeps the electric motor running. This way, riders need not worry about the batteries dying down and resorting to pedaling all throughout the trip. The Mando Footloose assures riders that the electric motor always work throughout the trip. And its design also allows it to be folded neatly into a smaller form factor for ease of storage. The Mando Footloose is still not yet available to the public as its availability is not yet known. Pricing details have not been provided as yet.

Image Source: Mando Footloose
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