Tsunami Survival Pod

People can’t help but get concerned about what is currently happening in the world today. Stronger than normal storms, destructive floods, droughts, earthquakes and other calamities seem to affect more and more people these days. It pays to be well prepared in case they do happen. In the case of Australian Matt Duncan, it is preparing for an incoming tsunami. He designed a Tsunami Survival Pod to prepare for such an event.

The Tsunami Survival Pod is a unique survival craft designed by Matt Duncan of Havana Houseboats. This survival pod is designed to help people survive the destruction caused by an incoming tsunami similar to the one that hit Japan last year. It is capable of protecting its passengers against the raging waters as well as the tons of debris that come with a rushing tsunami. Made out of spiral-welded steel, the survival pod can endure up to 6 tons of weight.

The Tsunami Survival Pod also comes with crumple zones that protect the passengers from sudden impacts. Rally-style molded seats with 5-point safety harnesses keep the passengers in place inside the pod. A bulletproof window allows light inside the pod. If totally sealed, the pod has enough air supply for up to 2 hours inside. But there are also access panels that can let fresh air inside when it’s possible. The Tsunami Survival Pod is available with an $ 8,500 price tag. But for people who live in Tsunami-prone areas, that would be an investment well spent.

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