Nintendo DS Converts to Toyotas Navigator

In a move that caught many by surprise, Nintendo and Toyota forged a partnership that would turn Nintendo DS into an in-car navigational remote control. This would allow drivers to set their routes using the game consoles, but let’s hope it is the passenger who does the navigation. It seems dangerous if you ask me. […]

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Zero Motorcycles Offers E-Motorbike Riders Free 25000 Miles

Electric motorcycles surely give the badass bikers that treehugger cred, but is the extra cost really worth it? Zero Motorcycles is giving prospective customers a unique incentive: the company will pay for your bike’s first 25,000 miles on the road. Buy any one of the company’s e-motorbikes between now and the end of May and […]

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The Folding Electric Bicycle

For those who want an environment-friendly means of transportation, the bicycle offers the best possible option. However, there are also certain challenges of having to use bikes to go around. One is that they usually require human power’ which others may find to be a tiring activity. Two, it is not always easy to store […]

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