Zero Motorcycles Offers E-Motorbike Riders Free 25000 Miles

Electric motorcycles surely give the badass bikers that treehugger cred, but is the extra cost really worth it? Zero Motorcycles is giving prospective customers a unique incentive: the company will pay for your bike’s first 25,000 miles on the road.

Buy any one of the company’s e-motorbikes between now and the end of May and you will receive a $ 200 Visa gift card. The amount is based on US$ 0.10 per kilowatt hour for 90 cents for every complete charge cycle and 222 charges with 114 miles range for each complete charge cycle. This offer is especially enticing if you compare it with gas-powered bikes and how much money you will have to shell off to achieve the same distance.

Offer is only available through participating dealerships in the United States and cannot be used for purchasing another motorcycle, taxes, or destination fees.

Source: Zero Motorcycles, via Engadget
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