Hiriko Electric Folding Car

With more and more people having concern about the world we live in, a lot has gone through trying to prevent making the world the worst place to live in. This includes trying to look for eco-friendly alternatives for devices and gadgets used for daily living. When it comes to transportation in the near future, it seems that cares are becoming more compact and use primarily electricity to run. One of the more interesting vehicles to come out recently includes this unique Hiriko Electric Folding Car.

The Hiriko Electric Folding Car offers a safe and eco-friendly alternative to urban transport. It is designed to work well in the tight and cramped spaces typical of most urban dwellings today. It aims not only to offer clean energy transport but also a space-saving means of going around the city. It comes with a 20HP electric motor and is controlled by a drive by wire system. It is able to achieve speeds of up to 50km/h or around 31mph and can go for a range of 120km or 75miles. Its unique design also allows it to collapse into two separate unique to fit into tight parking spaces. The attention of the prototype is slowly getting steam in terms of integration into city life as it is slated to be part of the electric vehicle-sharing scheme being introduced in Berlin, Germany. It will start its initial phase this year and may become as an official mode of city transport by 2014.

Image Source: Hiriko
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