Magnetic Bike Light

Some people enjoy going out on a bike at night. In such cases, having bike lights is necessary in order to stay safe while biking on a dark road. But most bikes are built without such lights. To resolve this problem, this Magnetic Bike Light from Copenhagen Parts would suit up quite well with the frequent night biker.

The Copenhagen Parts Magnetic Bike Light is a simple yet essential gadget for evening bikers. It is a round portable light that comes with a magnetic base. When the magnets stick to the bikes steel frame, the battery powered LEDs automatically lights up. It automatically turns off when detached from the bike’s frame. Quite a simple yet very handy light source for night bikers, the Magnetic Bike Light is expected to be available by August of this year. But it is currently available for pre-order at Copenhagen Parts, although its actual price has not yet been announced.

Image Source: Copenhagen Parts
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