Roskva Electric Motorcycle

When it comes to motorcycles, most people are still not aware that there are now new models available that run on electric batteries. Yes, electric motorcycles are now quickly becoming a rising market as newer and newer models of electric motorcycles are being introduced in the market. And there are other electric models planned to be entering the market soon, like the Roskva Electric Motorcycle.

The Roksva Electric Motorcycle was recently revealed in Norway as a work by a team of 5 students at the University of Life Sciences on Oslo, Norway. This new electric motorcycle is designed with a carbon fiber body that weighs only around 25kg. It also features a 94HP electric motor that can go as fast as 112MPH at a maximum range of 62 miles per full charge. Its MotoGP-like design also adds to its appeal. There’s no word yet on when the Roskva Electric Motorcycle will enter into commercial production. But when it does, expect that this new electric motorcycle will generate quite an attention in the market.

Image Source: Roksva
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